Walking Tour 1 : An easy walk of about 1.6 km past many historic sites

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Walking directions

  1. Walk starts at Davenport Square
  2. Crosses Venables Street to the Anglican Church
  3. Then over Todd Street and down Venables Street
  4. Turn R onto Sturt Street footbridge
  5. Cross the footbridge and up a small rise to Cunliffe Street see the old Wesleyen Methodist Church on the corner
  6. Return over the footbridge and turn right onto Venables Street and continue to Mary MacKillop Way.
  7. Cross Mary MacKillop Way and pass the old St Joseph's School building and St James the Less Catholic Church continue to Luck Street
  1. Turn right on Luck Street and a short walk to the site of the old Anglican Church and graveyard
  2. After the gravesite walk back along Luck Street
  3. Pass Wesel Kepertís House, Dickie Tonkinís Shop and Store Room.
  4. On the corner of Luck and Parin Street is the School Oval once the original general cemetery.
  5. Continue on to the Carpark and Davenport Square.
For a longer walk why not take in Crystal Lake Park on Devereux Street at the south end of Macclesfield

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