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Macclesfield Hotel

The Macclesfield Hotel, on part lot 110 Venables Street, had as it's first publican Matthew Linn Jnr. The second story was added in late 1882 when James Mott was the publican.

Note that there were two chimneys originally, and we in the history group would like to know when the north chimney was removed, and why!

Below two images: The Macclesfield Hotel - in 1926 Nellie E Melville was the publican. One licensee, Albert McDermott, established a shop next door in an old building (alongside the institute), later used as a supper room, library and Council Chambers. It was demolished and replaced by the present supper room/kitchen in the 1960's.

Macclesfield Hotel in 1926

Above 1926, below 2015.

Macclesfield Hotel in 2015


Below two images: Venables Street, the main street of Macclesfield, looking south. The old street gardens from the 1930's, now gone, can be seen on the left, with the Macclesfield Hotel and the Institute Hall further on. Suzanne's photograph, as with her others below, was taken in 2015.

Above 1930's, below 2015.


Below two images: Macclesfield Hotel in Venables Street looking south. Note the narrow road, puddles and tyre tracks. We have used this image on our "Business Card" in December 2017.

Maccy Hotel c1940

Above c1940, below 2015.

Maccy Hotel 2016


The following image and text appeared in the Macclesfield Newsletter as part of the Glimpses of the Past series, and was written by Ray Risely.

Another great photo from our history collection, this time showing the Macclesfield Hotel and that side of Venables Street south, down to Dancker’s shop and beyond. During this time we can see the hotel was licensed to Harold Turner and the painted sign above the hotel frontage advertises Afternoon Tea, while the painted sign on the fence further down says Yalumba Port - now there’s a good combination!
The front verandah has changed and the picket fence is now gone, but it is still very recognisable as the popular current hotel.
The close up photo underneath gives a better view of the seats out the front, the bar window, and the post out the front with the angled arm which used to have a silver emu hanging on it (maybe as a tribute to Macclesfield’s Beer), and we are reliably informed that a hurricane lamp hung from it during winter evenings and when there were meetings on at the Institute.
We can also clearly see the old horse trough in front of the Yalumba sign. This photo also gives us a good view of that side of the old council chambers cum library and reading room, complete with chimney and flag pole out the front and next door to the Institute. This is now what we use as the Foyer and supper room for the Institute.
To the right the photo extends down past the two story house to Dancker’s drapery & general store. Note the curved roof of the large building next door and then at the end of the photo is Hartley Dixon’s store.
It’s difficult to tell from the photo if the road is actually bitumised or not, as that would be a good key to the date. A good picture of that side of Venables Street.

Macclesfield Hotel

Maccie Pub close up


Maccy Hotel 1940

The front bar, 1940, in the Time of H. Turner. Note the bell on the bar.


Publicans of the Macclesfield Hotel

(ref. ‘Hotels and Publicans in South Australia‘ by JL (Bob) Hoad)

Note: a strong attempt has been made to gain copyright approval over a long period, but the author and publisher have not replied.

Publicans of Macclesfield Hotel a

Publicans of Macclesfield Hotel b


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