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History Group reports to the Macclesfield Community Association AGM
Sculptors @ Crystal Lake 2017: Invitation
Book Launch: "At Work - Macclesfield Cheese Factory, 1937-1975", 2017
Once Upon A Time - History SA Event 2016, A HistorySA Travelling Exhibition
St John’s Anglican Church & Cemetery Working Bees
Opening of the Crystal Lake Park sculptures, Tuesday 5 April, 2016
175th Event: 2015 Strawberry Fete display
Putting the Pieces Together - a Mosaic Exhibition
Year 2/3/4 Primary School visit August 2015: Yesteryear Dolls and Toys
Poets in the Pub: our major 2015 event in History SA's "History month", May, 2015
150th Jubilee display in the Macclesfield Institute foyer


Book Launch SAVE THE DATE:

"At Work - Macclesfield Cheese Factory, 1937-1975"

Macclesfield Institute Hall, Sat 27th May, 2017, 2-5 pm

Afternoon Tea: small charge

Macclesfield History Group

Associated links:      Cheese Factory Page     |     Publications Page

It is a busy and exciting time as we finish off this long awaited book.

In 2014 we held a get together to celebrate the completed Oral History project.

At the time, it was suggested that a book should be written, being a more permanent record of the cheese factory and the central role it held in Macclesfield. It seemed like a good idea but of course nothing is as easy as it sounds! However it progressed slowly and late last year, I felt it was ready for some professional attention.

With financial support from History SA, The Mt Barker Council and the Macclesfield Community Association; we were then able to engage an editor historian and publisher, Mr Bernie O’Neil.

While it was a bit daunting handing over my manuscript to him, he has proven to be thoughtful, thorough, and understands the need for a record of this unique period in the history of Macclesfield. Thanks for all your help and support during this project, especially with compiling the long lists of employees and contractors.

PS. Recently the new owners of the factory started restoration work on the building. To read more go to:

Lesley Schack, Macclesfield History Group

Sculptors @ Crystal Lake 2017: INVITATION

The Sculptors @ Crystal Lake Symposium will be held 1-9 April 2017, from 10 am to 4 pm at Crystal Lake Park, Devereaux Street, Macclesfield.

Eight sculptors will be working over 9 days to create sculptures from up to 4 tonnes of marble and granite.

Saturday 1 April the symposium will be opened by Mayor Ann FERGUSON and Ulrike KLEIN at 1pm.

Saturday 8 April there will be Melba's Chocolate and Udder Delight's Cheese carving and a children's creative program 10 - 4pm.

Entry gold coin donation.

Refer to website and on Facebook.

Sculptors at Crystal Lake 2017

Sculptors at Crystal Park 2017


Once Upon A Time - History SA Event 2016

A HistorySA Travelling Exhibition

To be held at: The Anglican Hall, Venables Street, Macclesfield SA, in November 2016 
Dates & Times: Nov 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 1-4pm 
and at the Strawberry Fete Sunday Nov 27, 10-4pm.
Visit the HistorySA website here.

Go to our page devoted to this here. See old photos, displaying interesting settings and attire, of present or past locals when they were young.



Corner of Luck and Devereux Streets, Macclesfield


Working Bee


WHEN: Saturday 3rd Dec 2016
WHERE: The Anglican Cemetery 
Corner Luck and Devereux Stretts, Macclesfield
TIME: 9 - 12noon
BRING: Garden Rakes, Gloves, Shovels, Secateurs, Wheelbarrows, Chain Saws
CONTACT: Brenton Handke ph: 0408840563
Macclesfield History Group

Working Bee at the Anglican Cemetery 28 May 2016

Thanks to the enthusiastic group of volunteers who lent a hand at the recent working bee, including Fran, Angela, Kate, Karin, Margaret, Rod, Daryl, Betty, Brenton, John and Lesley,

Our aim was to clean up the site, rake leaves, remove small saplings and piles of fallen branches and, in particular, remove a large bush growing from a bricked family plot (where Rodney is standing). This was accomplished with some effort and lots of friendly banter. Well done everyone.

The work is on-going and in time our plans are to repair or replace the fence and pathways, add signage to this historical cemetery, and the names where known on the individual graves.

A special thanks to Steve Gardner who later mulched and removed a large pile of branches and leaves from the roadside.

Rodney, Brenton and John at the Working Bee

Rodney, Brenton and John at the Working Bee

Old St John's Anglican Church

This photo taken in the 1970s shows  part of the  cemetery  adjacent  to  the  first Anglican Church  opened  in 1857. Many of the early pioneers of Macclesfield and their
descendants are buried here.  The congregation moved to the new Anglican Church  in Venables Street in 1926 and gradually the old church fell into disrepair and neglect and was eventually demolished. Over the years various local families have endeavoured to maintain the cemetery grounds.

In 2001 a History Club worked to restore the Anglican Cemetery, and as part of this work they tried to identify and mark the location of as many graves as possible. At the time many of the graves had no headstone or marker and some of the old headstones were unreadable. They searched through old records, some were incomplete or missing and contacted old Macclesfield families who  may have had relatives buried there.

With the help of Betty White, Ray Risely, Sue Sautter from the Mt Barker Library and Annette Schirmer (Curator of St John’s Anglican Cemetery), Shirley Risely compiled an excellent resource book of the Burial Records of St John’s Anglican Church Cemetery.

Now 15 years later, this MCA History Group has started to digitally archive the large Macclesfield history collection including these burial records, into their MOSAIC  database. Anyone interested in gaining new skills or learning more about our local history including the cemetery is welcome to join us Wednesday afternoons from 1pm at the Institute Hall.

Contact:  Betty White 8388 9203    or    Lesley Schack 8388 9827



Sculptors @ Crystal Lake 2016:   INVITATION

Invitation to opening of sculptures April 2016

The Macclesfield Community Association
invite you to the opening
by internationally renowned sculptor, Yoshin Ogata

of the Crystal Lake Park sculptures
Tuesday 5 April 2016, 4.30 – 5.30 pm.

Drinks and nibbles available.

Please RSVP to Anne Welsh
or phone   08 8388 9295

We will celebrate the installation of the sculptures and thank all the volunteers, sponsors and donors who helped make the Sculptors @ Crystal Lake such a successful event.

We hope you can attend. Visit the website: Sculptors @ Crystal Lake

Anne Welsh,
Secretary,Crystal Lake Sub committee Macclesfield Community Association.


175th Event: 2015 Strawberry Fete display

The 2015 Strawberry Fete became part of the 175th celebrations of Macclesfield. We, the Macclesfield History Group, set up our display in the hall of the Anglican Church, which is situated directly across the road from Davenport Square, the site of the Strawberry Fete.

We had a number of visitors, including old inhabitants of Macclesfield, to see our displays and slideshow.

2015 Strawberry Fete hall display

Our Macclesfield History Group display in the Anglican Hall, just across from Davenport Square.



Our Reports to the Macclesfield Community Association AGM


Putting the Pieces Together - a Mosaic Exhibition

Mosaic demonstration "Putting the Pieces Together"


Enthusiastic young visitors meet Yesteryear Dolls and Toys

On August 27 2015 a class of enthusiastic Year 2/3/4 children from the Macclesfield Primary School came for their 2nd term visit to the History Group at The Institute building. They were accompanied by teacher Mrs Natalie Jones and SSO Ms Fiona Matthews.

The focus of their visit this time was to discover how children in the past amused themselves - what toys they played with and what sort of games they played. Mrs Betty White, a senior member of the History Group, brought along a collection of her own old toys to show the visitors, including several dolls, cups and saucers, picture books and a skipping rope and also toys that her children played with, including toy cars, mechanical moving figures and a range of toy guns.

It was fascinating to see that some things don’t change much; the boys made a beeline for the old cars and toy guns and the girls seemed to prefer the dolls. The students seemed interested to hear that Mrs White, like most of her young friends in the 1930’s, didn’t have many toys and most of the ones they did have were pre-loved and often hand made.

We look forward to seeing Mrs Jones and her class next term.

Old dolls and toys



Poets in the Pub: our major 2015 event in History SA's "History month"

Held May 9, 2015,  12 - 3pm, Three Brothers Arms Hotel, Venables Street - completed

Our "Poets in the Pub" event was a great success. Fifty people enjoyed an afternoon of music and poetry at the local historic Three Brothers Arms.

Read the report, including music and poetry sound clips.



Sculptors @ Crystal Lake, April 2015 - completed

Sculptors @ Crystal Lake is a major event of the Macclesfield Community Association.

Watch twelve sculptors as they create pieces using local marble.

Daily from 11th April to the 19th April, from 10am till 4pm.

Crystal Lake Park Devereaux Road Macclesfield, SA


Visit the website here.


150th Jubilee display in Institute foyer - completed

Lesley has prepared a 150th Jubilee display that you can view in the Institute Building foyer.

It concerns the 1990 Macclesfield celebration of the town's 150th Birthday, on Sunday 18th November, with a Picnic Day in Davenport Square. This event followed the Strawberry Fete that had been held on the previous day.

Twenty five years later we celebrate the 175th Anniversary of the settlement of Macclesfield!







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"At Work,
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Sat 27th May, 2017
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Afternoon Tea: small charge

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