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"At Work - Macclesfield Cheese Factory, 1937-1975", by Lesley Schack

Published at the Macclesfield Institute Hall, Sat 27th May, 2017

In 2014 we held a get together to celebrate the completed Oral History project.

At the time, it was suggested that a book should be written, being a more permanent record of the cheese factory and the central role it held in Macclesfield. It seemed like a good idea but of course nothing is as easy as it sounds! However it progressed slowly and late last year, I felt it was ready for some professional attention.

With financial support from History SA, The Mt Barker Council and the Macclesfield Community Association; we were then able to engage an editor historian and publisher, Mr Bernie O’Neil.

While it was a bit daunting handing over my manuscript to him, he has proven to be thoughtful, thorough, and understands the need for a record of this unique period in the history of Macclesfield. Thanks for all your help and support during this project, especially with compiling the long lists of employees and contractors.

PS. Recently the new owners of the factory started restoration work on the building. To read more go to:

Lesley Schack, Convener, Macclesfield History Group


"Macclesfield, Reflections along the Angas", edited by Jim Faull
by the Macclesfield Historical Book Committee, Adelaide, 1980, 4th Ed 2013

Macclesfield Reflections book

From the preface:

With the centenary of the laying of the foundation stone of the local Institute occurring in 1980, a burst of enthusiasm inspired us to attempt something positive regarding the compilation of our local history. Previously there had been spasmodic attempts at collecting data, searching newspaper files and delving into Archives material, with a view to 'some day, some time' writing an account of the early times.

As a result of our quest for information we were contacted by Jim Faull, head of the Geography Department of Hartley College of Advanced Education, who offered the facilities of his Department to our project. From that point it became a team effort. Jim and his students contributed months of of painstaking research, and their work forms the basis of the finished book. We are extremely grateful to them for their invaluable assistance. To all the others who helped in any way we also offer our sincere thanks.

Signatories are: Liz Graham, Betty White, Monica Huppatz, Terri Anderson, Angus Davis, Colin Davis, Arthur Edmonds.

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"Macclesfield Jubilee 1840-1990, Families Old and New"
Compiled by the Macclesfield Community Newsletter Committee

Macclesfield Jubilee 1840-1990, Families Old and New

From the foreword:

'It is easier to understand the present, if one has some knowledge of the past.'

In recent years many histories of various districts in South Australia have been written but few, if any, will be like this book because it remembers the people and the events of the past, and provides a vauable source of information on the present, for future historians. ...

A final word of thanks must go to the Macclesfield Newsletter Committee for the ideas, the sheer hard work, and their commitment to such a worthy cause, and to the people who have contributed their history for this book to provide such an interesting account.

Patrick Secker, Macclesfield Councillor, 1981-

"Macclesfield Catholic Picnic 1883-1983"
Compiled by Betty White and Father William Modystack, Parish Priest

Catholic Picnic, later the Horse Show Picnic, booklet front cover

A booklet written on the centenary of the Macclesfield Catholic Picnic, giving a history, or collection of information, of the Picnic from newspaper accounts and verbal reports.








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