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Though our primary aim is to carefully record and categorise our photographic, documentary and physical resources for those who follow, we would also like to provide education and interest via personal recollections and histories.

This area of the website will grow over time as we add our text and images, where we have the copyright and are satisfied with their provenance.

Family Histories

Freeman family: Transported for stealing cheese, arriving in 1840.

Jordan family: Shipwrecked in 1851 when escaping the Irish Potato Famine.

The Sabeys

Dancker family and residence (next to Institute Hall)

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Individual Histories

Reverend John Baptist Austin 1799-1882

Baron Sir Ferdinand Jacob Heinrich von Mueller, by John Gitsham

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Major Event Histories

Fires near Macclesfield

Weekend of Shadows A film shot in and around Macclesfield in 1977

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General History articles:

This section of the website will point to a number of miscellaneous articles. Most have been derived from the research articles that appeared in the Macclesfield Newsletter over the last thirty years, largely by Betty White and Ray Risely. Others found elsewhere, or researched by members.

A Brief History of Macclesfield

A Longer History of Macclesfield

A Settler's Experiences in the Tiers: Travel in 1838 from Adelaide to his 'selection' 20 miles east.

Arbor Day of 1931

Glimpses From the Past: Early life in and around Macclesfield, by John Henry Lemar

Long and Interesting History of the Macclesfield Institute, by Betty White

Macclesfield (during 1927) - fashions and automobiles

Street Gardens of the 1930's: In days gone by, the main street was graced by a “Street Garden”

Short History of St. John's Church, Macclesfield, 1857 - 1957, by the Rev. Christopher Gray

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