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Macclesfield Council Minutes Book 1884-88

All the official minutes from 1884 to 1888. Links:
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Surnames & Topics: please record these for each image, then forward them to us via email using our online form.

A plea: if anyone has old minutes books, or similar documents, then DO NOT throw them away. Pass them on to some historical agency, ours or others.

The BOOK - all the pages

These have been uploaded and can be accessed by clicking on the links below. The first few have been affected over time but thereafter their condition is good.

We have stayed with the original image/slide names, so that the first double-page set is _M123714, or, just looking at the last three digits, 714. The last is 848, giving 135 images/slides.

_M123714   _M123715   _M123716   _M123717   _M123718   _M123719   _M123720   _M123721   _M123722   _M123723   _M123724   _M123725   _M123726   _M123727   _M123728   _M123729   _M123730   _M123731   _M123732   _M123733   _M123734   _M123735   _M123736   _M123737   _M123738   _M123739   _M123740   _M123741   _M123742   _M123743   _M123744   _M123745   _M123746   _M123747   _M123748   _M123749   _M123750   _M123751   _M123752   _M123753   _M123754   _M123755   _M123756   _M123757   _M123758   _M123759   _M123760   _M123761   _M123762   _M123763   _M123764   _M123765   _M123766   _M123767   _M123768   _M123769   _M123770   _M123771   _M123772   _M123773   _M123774   _M123775   _M123776   _M123777   _M123778   _M123779   _M123780   _M123781   _M123782   _M123783   _M123784   _M123785   _M123786   _M123787   _M123788   _M123789   _M123790   _M123791   _M123792   _M123793   _M123794   _M123795   _M123796   _M123797   _M123798   _M123799   _M123800   _M123801   _M123802   _M123803   _M123804   _M123805   _M123806   _M123807   _M123808   _M123809   _M123810   _M123811   _M123812   _M123813   _M123814   _M123815   _M123816   _M123817   _M123818   _M123819   _M123820   _M123821   _M123822   _M123823   _M123824   _M123825   _M123826   _M123827   _M123828   _M123829   _M123830   _M123831   _M123832   _M123833   _M123834   _M123835   _M123836   _M123837   _M123838   _M123839   _M123840   _M123841   _M123842   _M123843   _M123844   _M123845   _M123846   _M123847   _M123848 


Local people, including Betty White, said that a man named Roger Anderson was thought to have found this Minutes Book on a rubbish dump. Subsequently he gave it to Arthur Edmonds, a neighbour, who was a Meadows Councillor representing the Macclesfield Ward.

Arthur Edmonds was Jan van Kaathoven’s father and he died in 1994. Following his death, Jan found the book among his papers, considered it worth keeping and stored it in a drawer at her home for the next 24 years. Six generations of the Edmonds family have lived in Macclesfield. Several of Jan’s ancestors, including grandfather Charles William Edmonds served on the Macclesfield Council. His name is noted in this Minutes Book.

Jan donated this book to the Macclesfield History Group in August 2018.

In quite poor condition after 133 years, we felt it should be conserved first before turning the pages. Via a very generous donation this was achieved by ArtLab in 2019, but it was not rugged enough to be physically handled by all and sundry for years. But at least we could now photograph it.

Professional photographer Rob Fairweather from nearby Strathalbyn photographed all the pages, and then converted the images to high quality but a reduced size, acceptable for Internet use. Visit his website at Rob Fairweather

All images were then added to this website for anyone to peruse, free of copyright.

An example page from the Minutes Book (click to enlarge):

Minutes book "page" 741


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Surnames & Topics

Please add surnames and topics to this table as you read the minutes. Since all writing is cursive, which cannot be converted to text, and then searched, in this way others will be able to find those who are mentioned in the minutes, particularly for genealogy information.

Record then forward them to us via email using our online form. Or perhaps photograph your paper record then 'share' that to us via email using Some have been added to get you started.

Sue Boyland of Western Australia has been researching her family history, some of which relates to Macclesfield. She has created a website, most impressive and well worth looking at, a section being entitled "The O'Grady Family from Macclesfield". She has been searching this Council Minutes Book, writing down the names as she goes, then passing them on to us. These have been added to our minutes page here. Thank you Sue.





Edmonds, Marker

Elected Positions


Maley (Naley?), Stubbs

District Ranger


King, Dumas, Dancker, Considine, Davenport, Graham, Stubbs, Fischer, Edmonds, O'Grady, Gooch, Anderson, B?i?s, + others to exlore.

Cemetery, Doctors Creek Road








Margaret Nestor, Destitute Asylum; L O'Grady, Tory Banks Reserve; O'Grady warning to complete contract 83; P O'Maley, M O'Grady, Denis McNamara tenders for Contract 84; others mentioned were Mr Davenport, Anderson Bros, Mrs Jordan, Mr Gray, Cr Fischer.















P Doherty, August Drechsler, M O’Grady, W Freeman, J Anderson, H Conigrave, W Robinson, M Considine, Jonas Fry, P Doherty, J O’Malley, J Sedunery, C W Edmonds, Theodore Fischer, D J Gray

Destitute Board,
Annual meeting


































































































Elas Graham



























































































































M O'Grady, Patrick Kain, John O'Maley, James Malone, J Horbin?, J Brennan?, D McNamara, Edward Fry, Timothy O'Connor, James Anderson, O O'Maley, M Considine, William Freeman, J Hoobin??, John Kain, P O'Maley, P Doherty, M Malone, James McNamara, Thos McMahon, W H Dancker, Sarah Edwards, William Robinson

Contracts, rations























































































































































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