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Once Upon A Time - History SA Event 2016

Old images can be seen lower down on this page.

Report: After the Event

The promise of luscious, sweet strawberries plus beautiful, sunny weather encouraged crowds of people to flock to Macclesfield for the 89th annual Strawberry Fete.

Many also visited our history exhibition at the Anglican Church Hall. The display stimulated visitors to talk about their own childhood experiences. What stories were told!

We also had a visit from a well behaved and enthusiastic class of young historians from the Macclesfield Primary School. They were set the task of drawing an item from the exhibition. Many rubic cubes, ‘trikes’ and teddy bears later, they left with much hand shaking and good wishes. What a delight. Thank you for making our day.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way to making this exhibition such a success, including volunteers who gave their time and enthusiasm and others who kindly provided toys and photographs.

One lady even walked her old pram laden with dolls along the street to the church hall! You might ask how she got it home – well, I think it was Santa who pushed it up the hill…

Here are some images:

Once Upon a Time pic01

Betty WHITE keeping an eye on things
Marbles, Dolls, and a Teddy Bear in a Car


Toys - wooden car and skates

Wooden car and old-style skates


Cubby on Wheels

Cubby on Wheels



A HistorySA Travelling Exhibition

To be held at: The Anglican Hall, Venables Street, Macclesfield SA, in November 2016
Dates & Times: Nov 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 1-4pm
and at the Strawberry Fete Sunday Nov 27, 10-4pm.
Visit the HistorySA website here.

The exhibition consists of photographs and banners, but to add a local flavour people with Macclesfield connections - past or present, are invited to share their own unique story at this coming event in November.

Your childhood photos, family albums and old toys could form a fantastic part of this exhibition, where photos could be added to a slide show, and old toys including dolls, prams, bikes, books etc. displayed.

Bring along your family photos to be scanned or photographed at the Macclesfield Sunday Market on the 18th and 25th September from 12-2pm.

Otherwise email photos to:    Please include names, dates, ages of children, location etc. The sooner the better, giving us time to get organised.

Contact Betty 08 8388 9203 or Lesley 08 8388 9827 from the History Group if you have items for the display or would like further information. We would love to hear from you.

Once Upon A Time flyer


The advertisement, for our opening times for our "scanfest", as it appeared on the HistorySA website during September 2016

Macclesfield Photo Scanfest


The HistorySA scanfest report, as written by Pauline Cockrill of HistorySA

1.9 HistorySA scanfest report



Some old images connected with Macclesfield residents:

Here are some of the Macclesfield children from years gone by. Many are still living in Macclesfield or nearby areas. If you able to add any further details of interest then please email us at, or using our contact form here.

Doris Barnett

Doris BARNETT, four years old, Australia, with partner John Bull, England. Possibly from 1914? Photo is courtesy of T Calaby.

It is likely that Doris BARNETT and her partner may have been part of an Australia Day fundraising event held during the First World War 1914-1918. Unfortunately the name of the young ‘John Bull’, the details of the event and the date are missing from the post card. The words "Will is in camp. Jack was called but I won't let him go", as part of a longer letter, are written on the back, indicating the time is before or during a war. Help us solve this history mystery!


Jack Lemar


John Henry LEMAR, locally known as Jack, was born in 1901, lived and worked in Macclesfield for much of his life, and has written of some of his experiences of the early life and times in and around Macclesfield. Read these on our Glimpses of the Past pages.


John, Margaret, Martin - Thomas MARRA & Elizabeth SABEY

John, Margaret, Martin - Thomas MARRA & Elizabeth SABEY


Herb & William CALABY, Claude, Buck, Geoff STONE shooting day at Temple Bar

Herb & William CALABY, Claude BUCK, Geoff STONE shooting day at Temple Bar


Dorrie, Vera, Irene, Fred Barnett

Dorrie, Vera, Irene and Fred BARNETT


EDMONDS Peter at Royal Show 1951

Peter EDMONDS at the Adelaide Royal Show 1951

WINTER Monica, Margaret, Catherine, Stephen at Hawthorndene

WINTER Monica, Margaret, Catherine, Stephen at Hawthorndene


Sack race Paris Creek sports

Sack race Paris Creek sports


Kull kids x3 Jan Edmonds (no boots) Gay Milligan

KULL kids x3, Jan EDMONDS (no boots), Gay MILLIGAN


Brenton HANDKE in a milk can

Brenton HANDKE in a milk can. Later in life he carted milk for Jacobs Dairy Produce Co. Ltd. Macclesfield.


Ossie LEMAR 1923 Ossie LEMAR 1925

Ossie LEMAR in 1923 and 1925


Ossie and Betty LEMAR 1927

Ossie and Betty LEMAR in 1927


Sylvia, George, Ted Dugmore Paris Creek School

Sylvia, George, Ted DUGMORE Paris Creek School. Who is the other girl?


Enid BOOTHBY, Mt Barker Show

Enid BOOTHBY, Mt Barker Show


Graham, Kaye and Warren INGERSON on LePOIDEVIN ponies

Warren, Kaye and Graham INGERSON on Le POIDEVIN ponies.


Brooke and "Woofer" BOOTHBY on Pop Le POIDEVIN's truck

Brooke and "Woofer" BOOTHBY on Pop Le POIDEVIN's truck


Lesley SCHACK on slippery dip

Lesley SCHACK on a slippery dip


Brenton HANDKE pushing his wheel barrow Sue HUPPATZ acts nursemaid to her sister Therese

Brenton HANDKE pushing his wheel barrow.
Sue HUPPATZ acts as nursemaid to her sister Therese at Waters Road, Bugle Ranges. A small separator dairy is in the background. Residence of Joe and Mary WATERS, the parents of Monica HUPPATZ, Sue and Therese's mother.


Sue HUPPATZ on her 3rd birthday, with her football

Sue HUPPATZ on her 3rd birthday, with her football, which is all she wanted for her birthday. At Waters Road, Bugle Ranges.


Kath and doll The Tub

Kath THURMER and doll      |     The Tub


Just arrived from Englan

Gordon THURMER, just arrived from England.


Combined Pets and Sports Show

Combined Pets and Sports Show. This image has been edited so as to not cause offense.


Betty WHITE and father Celebrations

Betty WHITE and father                                                     Celebrations and fundraiser


Junior Flag Drill

Junior Flag Drill


Primary School Display

Primary School Display (in Mount Barker).


Albino kangaroo

Albino kangaroo (may not be in Macclesfield)


Mud Fun

Fun in the mud


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