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A Brief History of the Macclesfield Table Tennis Club

(Sue Gunter - 15/12/2018)
(Peter Baraglia has updated some names June 2021)

The Macclesfield Table Tennis Club has a long and proud history as part of the Hills Central Table Tennis Association (HCTTA). Grades include A, B, C and D with trophies awarded to the competition winners at the end of each season. The season normally runs from May to September with a pre-season meeting held in February to determine the numbers of teams.

Macclesfield Table Tennis Club has, over many years, provided the venue for the ‘end of year’ mystery doubles competition (open to all) and the presentation of trophies to the competition winner of each grade. Participants bring supper to share with all.

The dedication and involvement of Ray Nourse (Meadows) has been instrumental in the Hills Central Table Tennis Association putting together a program each year, writing match reviews and recording match results so finals could be conducted each year, procuring trophies and running the Mystery Doubles Competition. There is also a long list of people who have supported and assisted the Association.

Originally, the number of players in each team numbered 8 with the mandatory inclusion of two female members. Over the years this rule was relaxed with the difficulty encountered of meeting this requirement. The pressures of work and family commitments saw the numbers in teams diminish from 8 to 6 to now 4. Supper, provided by the ‘Home’ team (at the conclusion of matches) is an opportunity to meet, talk and discuss local events.

Teams (at one time) stretched from Willunga, McLaren Vale, McLaren Flat, Blewitt Springs, Prospect Hill, The Range, Hope Forest, Currency Creek, Meadows, Flaxley, Echunga, Hahndorf and together with Macclesfield formed the Association and travelled the district playing at the different venues in these towns on a Wednesday evening. Unfortunately, time and circumstances have seen the demise of some of these clubs over the years.

The Hills Central Table Tennis Association now consists of McLaren Vale, McLaren Flat, Meadows, Flaxley and Macclesfield with the number of teams provided by each club in the Association still falling. Inter Association matches between Alexandrina, Hills, Torrens Valley and Willunga were held yearly but this involvement has gradually waned with lots of difficulty experienced to get enough commitment from players to participate in these tournaments.

Teams for Macclesfield over the years have included many well-known residents:
Ricki Calaby, Ken Willsmore, Roger Norris-Green, members of the Davis family (Sandra, Jim and Barry), Sue Wright, Brian & Sue Gunter, Greg Marlu, John Skinner, Ron Williams, Ian Tomlinson, Sam Brackstone, Helen Thomas, Rod Angel, Peter & Karen Baraglia (as well as Kent, Stacey & Aimee (and Jay Shepherd)), Doug Duffield, Geoff Brockhouse, Walter Culture, Kevin & Ryan Meece and Leanne Pearce, Peter Radford, Narelle King, Paul & Syd Farrow, Stan Forkert, Wayne Dunningham, Andrew Wilhelm, Dillon Thompson, Paul Thomas, Nick Male, Jim Sneesby, Darryl Stott, Grant Frith and David Smith and others who have ‘filled’ in.

In the 80’s, Roger Norris Green took up the role to write reviews for the Courier. He gave each player in each of the teams a nickname and these match reviews were read and highly regarded throughout the Hills as well as read with interest by players from within other Associations.

Current Members of the Macclesfield Table Tennis Club include:
Peter Baraglia (President), Greg Marlu (Vice President), Walter Culture, Sue Wright, Sue Gunter (Secretary/Treasurer), Coralie Weston, Lucas Schack, Cooper & Kym Truran and Geoff Harris (fill-in). New members would be welcomed.

In recent history:
• Peter Baraglia has been instrumental in keeping the Macclesfield Table Tennis Club ‘alive’, with his willingness to take on the role of President; and to assist at events to raise awareness of the existence of the Club, i.e. BBQ at the Macclesfield Horse Show and involvement in the Strawberry Fete.
• Greg Marlu has shown his dedication to the Table Tennis Club with his involvement at the Strawberry Fete and teaching/training ‘up and coming’ players on how to play. He was instrumental in the move of the Club from the Institute to the Macclesfield Primary School and ‘after-hours’ training where primary school students were encouraged to learn the fundamentals of Table Tennis and had access to the Club’s tables.
• Sue Gunter has, over the years, played a crucial role as Secretary/Treasurer – keeping the records and finances and providing a conduit between the Table Tennis Association, School and Club.
• Walter Culture has attended many Association meetings (on behalf of the Club) where the numbers of teams and names of players were tabled. He has met with various Macclesfield Primary School Principals at the start of the Table Tennis Season to facilitate the availability of the School’s Gymnasium and access to Table Tennis Tables.

The Macclesfield Table Tennis Club membership has dwindled to two teams of 4 with other Community members agreeing to “fill in” when some other commitment interfered with the players’ ability to attend a match. In an effort to raise awareness and increase club numbers, a table has been set up at the Macclesfield Strawberry Fete over the last few years and the community encouraged to ‘have a hit’. Practices are held in the Primary School Gymnasium during the Table Tennis Season and community members are welcome to also attend.

Notes from our documents:

From our 1990 publication "Macclesfield Jubilee 1840-1990, Families Old and New", compiled by the Macclesfield Community Newsletter Committee.

CALABY FAMILY: The family have been associated with cricket, football, tennis, netball, softball, volleyball and table tennis as well as the School Welfare, the School Council and the Community Association.

COLLINS FAMILY: Geoff and Fay Collins were married in April 1978 and lived in Macclesfield until December 1987, when they moved to the South-East near Bordertown. They lived at Walker Street until 1985, then Luck Street for three years. They have two children, Brett (born 1980) and Rachel (born 1982). Fay, daughter of George and Betty Wyatt, had spent all of her life in Macclesfield, until 1987. She competed successfully in many local sports including tennis, netball, basketball and table tennis. She was captain, coach and on various committees of these different sports over the years. Geoff, who was originally from Meadows and Strathalbyn, played football, tennis and table tennis and was an active member of the CFS.

DAVIS FAMILY (Barry and Faye): Barry began playing table tennis at the age of seventeen and has played almost continuously ever since then - with one or two seasons off with a knee injury. He and Paul are still playing for the Club and this year teamed up as doubles partners. The Macclesfield Table Tennis Club went into recess for some years, but the matches continued under the banner of the (then) Methodist Church and later reverted to a town team again. Faye and Scott have also played some seasons.

DAVIS FAMILY (Colin and Joyce): Both have played sport for the local clubs: Colin - football, tennis, cricket and table tennis, and he still plays bowls for the Meadows Club; Joyce - basketball, tennis and table tennis. She still remembers the controversy that resulted when the hemline of their basketball uniforms was raised to knee level.

DAVIS FAMILY (Jim and Rhonda): Jim, Greg, and Leanne have all played table tennis for the Macclesfield Club; this being Jim's thirty-second year of participation.

NORRIS-GREEN Family: Roger and Elaine. The family have been involved in both the Tennis and Table Tennis Clubs.

PASSFIELD Family: As the sole survivor of my family - parents and five children - I am still living on the original farm and had my seventieth birthday on June 22, 1990. I was christened Hubert but am always known as Bert. I played table tennis here for many years.

From: "STRATHALBYN 1839 – 2006" by Brian Simpson. (Updated in 2018)

TABLE TENNIS: “Ping pong”, as the game was then called, was played in the district at least as early as 1902, when the Argus reported on matches between Strathalbyn and Ashbourne. It was rarely mentioned again until a Methodist Table Tennis Club formed in 1937, and was reported as playing against Macclesfield in front of a large crowd. By 1939 a Hills Association had been formed which included two teams from Strathalbyn.

From the "LEMAR FAMILY TREE" by Paul Lemar

IAN (Jim) DAVIS: Ian played table tennis for Macclesfield for over forty years.

From Mechanics Institute Building notes:

The minutes of the Institute Committee reveal that for the next hundred years the people of the town have gained enormous value from their hall. It has been used for dancing, lectures, skating, bazaars, square dancing, movie pictures, table tennis, concerts and numerous public meetings that have shaped the welfare of the district.
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Office Bearers

1958 L Broadbent J Cock/F Baughan K Dunk
1959 L Broadbent J Cock/F Baughan C MacIntosh Dr R Pridmore
1960 D Downing F Baughan/L Broadbent J E Broadbent Dr R Pridmore
1961 D Downing F Baughan/S Schofield Payne Dr R Pridmore
1962 S Schofield L Broadbent B Braendler R Stubbs
1963 S Schofield L Broadbent T Caddy R Stubbs
1964 S Schofield B Wickham R Hill F Baughan
1965 S Schofield G Usher C Pike R Stubbs
1966 S Schofield D Fry P Wittwer R Stubbs
1967 P Stubbs S Schofield J Francis R Stubbs
1968 J Francis P Stubbs R Bristow R Stubbs
1969 J Francis D Fry W Atkinson R Stubbs
1970 J Francis B Wickham M Van De Kamp
1971 C Brooks P Wickham J D'Angelo
1972 R Hill J Francis D Wickham/K Wilson
1973 J Barnett J Francis D Wickham
1974 W Atkinson I White J Davis
1975 W Bassham C Pike M Rowley
1976 J Francis W Atkinson R Evans
1977 J Francis L Lambert J Deimel
1978 J Francis M Buckley M Rau LIFE MEMBERS
1979 J Francis M Buckley Caddy J Francis
1980 J Francis D Langmaid S Farrow
1981 J Francis D Langmaid A D'Angelo
1982 J Francis D Langmaid R Lovell
1983 R Nourse J Francis R Clemson D Downing
1984 R Nourse S Hooper C Harvey
1985 R Nourse S Hooper N Smith/J Burford
1986 R Nourse S Hooper D Paech
1987 S Hooper N Sibley R Nourse
1988 R Nourse S Hooper W McIntyre
1989 R Nourse S Hooper K Kaesler
1990 R Nourse S Hooper K Wilson C Pike
1991 R Nourse S Hooper C Harvey
1992 R Nourse R Haskett G Thayne R Nourse
1993 B Gunter R Lovell C Harvey
1994 B Gunter R Lovell M Tugwell R Lovell
1995 B Gunter G Marlu R Nourse
1996 R Nourse B McAllister R O'Hare
1997 N Sibley R Fell A Eckert
1998 R Fell Darryl Peters Donna Peters
1999 R Fell Darryl Peters Donna Peters
2000 R Fell Darryl Peters S Gunter
2001 R Fell P Coldrey D Soutar
2002 P Coldrey B Bristow R Nourse
2003 P Coldrey R Fell John Hazel
2004 P Coldrey R Fell W Clark
2005 P Coldrey R Fell R Fell
2006 P Coldrey R Fell S Gunter
2007 S Gunter P Askham D Benson/D Elliott
2008 P Askham S Gunter R Nourse
2009 P Askham S Gunter P Lang
2010 P Askham S Gunter G Keech S Gunter
2011 P Askham S Gunter G Keech
2012 P Askham S Gunter G Marlu
2013 P Askham S Gunter S Hart
2014 P Askham S Gunter R Nourse
2015 P Askham S Gunter S Stanbury D Elliott
2016 P Askham D Elliott G Keech
2017 P Askham R Nourse G Keech
2018 P Askham R Nourse G Keech P Askham/G Keech


HCTTA Trophy Winners

A GRADE: Dr. R.V. Pridmore Trophy     B Grade: Gilberts's Transport Service Trophy

1958 Mount Barker Postal 1958 Macclesfield
1959 Macclesfield 1959 McLaren Flat White
1960 McLaren Flat 1960 Echunga Red
1961 Meadows 1961 Macclesfield Methodist
1962 Meadows 1962 McLaren Flat
1963 Meadows 1963 Flaxley
1964 Flaxley 1964 Hope Forest
1965 Flaxley 1965 Hope Forest
1966 Meadows Green 1966 McLaren Flat
1967 McLaren Flat Blue 1967 Macclesfield Methodist
1968 McLaren Flat Gold 1968 Prospect Hill
1969 Meadows Green 1969 Hope Forest Black
1970 McLaren Flat Blue 1970 Meadows Green
1971 McLaren Flat Gold 1971 Willunga
1972 McLaren Flat Gold 1972 Willunga
1973 McLaren Flat 1973 Willunga
1974 Meadows Gold 1974 McLaren Flat Blue
1975 Hahndorf 1975 Flaxley Blue
1976 Echunga 1976 Prospect Hill
1977 Hahndorf 1977 Macclesfield
1978 Hahndorf 1978 McLaren Flat
1979 Hahndorf 1979 The Range
1980 McLaren Flat 1980 McLaren Flat
1981 Meadows 1981 Echunga
1982 Meadows 1982 McLaren Flat
1983 Macclesfield 1983 McLaren Vale
1984 Meadows Green 1984 McLaren Flat
1985 Meadows Gold 1985 Echunga
1986 Meadows Green 1986 The Range
1987 McLaren Flat 1987 McLaren Flat
1988 Meadows Gold 1988 McLaren Flat Gold
1989 Meadows Gold 1989 Prospect Hill
1990 McLaren Flat Blue 1990 The Range
1991 McLaren Flat Blue 1991 Meadows
1992 McLaren Flat Blue 1992 McLaren Flat
1993 McLaren Flat Blue 1993 The Range
1994 McLaren Flat Gold 1994 Flaxley
1995 McLaren Flat Gold 1995 McLaren Vale Ranges Blue
1996 McLaren Flat Blue 1996 Flaxley United
1997 Blewitt Springs 1997 Flaxley
1998 Flaxley White 1998 Blewitt Springs Green
1999 McLaren Flat Muscat 1999 Currency Creek
2000 Blewitt Springs 2000 Willunga Wildcats
2001 Meadows 2001 Meadows Green
2002 Blewitt Springs Gold 2002 Flaxley Blue
2003 Meadows Gold 2003 Flaxley Blue
2004 McLaren Flat Gold 2004 McLaren Vale
2005 Meadows Gold 2005 McLaren Flat Blue
2006 McLaren Flat Gold 2006 McLaren Flat Blue
2007 McLaren Flat Gold 2007 Flaxley
2008 Meadows Gold 2008 McLaren Flat Blue
2009 Meadows Gold 2009 McLaren Flat Gold
2010 McLaren Vale 2010 Flaxley
2011 McLaren Flat Gold 2011 McLaren Flat Blue
2012 McLaren Vale 2012 Flaxley
2013 McLaren Flat Gold 2013 Meadows Green
2014 McLaren Flat Gold 2014 Macclesfield
2015 McLaren Flat 2015 Flaxley United
2016 Meadows Green 2016 Meadows Gold
2017 Meadows Green 2017 Meadows Gold
2018 Meadows Green 2018 Meadows Gold


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