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The Great Heritage Family ‘BAKE-OFF’

The Great Heritage Family Bake-Off - Entry Form
The Great Heritage Family Bake Off - Tips for Entrants
The Great Heritage Family Bake-Off - Example Heritage Recipes
The Great Heritage Family Bake-Off - Poster

Event Details

When:   Saturday 4th May, 12 – 4 pm at The Institute, Macclesfield

Share the joy of cooking and tasting heritage recipes. Children are invited to team with a parent or grandparent to bake a cake, slice, biscuits or pastries, or make preserves.

Co-Organisers: Macclesfield History Group and heritage cookbooks author LIZ HARFULL.
• Use a favourite family recipe, or one from below.
• Separate classes for 5-10 and 11-15 yrs.
• Country show competition rules apply. $1 per entry. Prizes to be won.
• Watch the judging and sample the entries at Afternoon Tea  ($5, but competitors Free).

After creating your culinary delight, take it to the Institute by 12pm midday, Saturday 4th May. We will be open for you from 9am till 12pm.

The Great Heritage Family Bake-Off Entry Form

Enter the Bake-Off by picking up an entry form
• From the Macclesfield Post Office or Shop/Cafe, or
• By downloading the form as a pdf from HERE, then printing.

Then you need to fill in the form, and by Tuesday, April 30th, 5pm
• Pass it in to the Post Office or Shop/Cafe, or
• Post it to Macclesfield History Group, c/o PO Box 549, Macclesfield 5153, or
• Email it to

An image of the Entry Form is shown below.

The Great Heritage Family Bake Off entry form

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The Great Heritage Family Bake Off - Tips for Entrants

The Great Heritage Family Bake Off - tips for entrants

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Example Heritage Recipes

Here are some links to online stories featuring suitable recipes for the Bake-Off. You may, of course, choose your own recipes.

Jelly Cakes

Jelly Cakes

Three heritage cake recipes to inspire from Liz Harfull's The Australian Blue Ribbon Cookbook - marble cake, jelly cakes and sponge jam roll.

    Link for these three recipes


Custard Tarts

Custard Tart

Classic custard tart from prize-winning New South Wales CWA cook, Merle Parish

    Link for Custard Tart Recipe

Tomato Relish

Tomato Relish

Another classic CWA recipe - tomato relish

    Link for Tomato Relish Recipe

Old-fashioned Pineapple Jam

Pineapple Jam

Blue ribbon winning Pineapple Jam from The Australian Blue Ribbon Cookbook: Stories, recipes and secret tips from prize-winning show cooks, Liz Harfull 2014.

    Link for Pineapple Jam Recipe

Mandarin Marmalade

Mandarin Marmalade

A Mandarin Marmalade recipe from the 1930s, best made with new season's mandarins, from Liz Harfull's latest book, Tried Tested and True

     Link for Mandarin Marmalade

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Poster for the Bake-Off

Poster for Bake-Off


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